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A Short History of the Columbus Tattoo Scene (Video Panel)

Just before Christmas, I was asked to join a popular video show on Youtube produced by Reinventing the Tattoo to talk about the long history of the tattoo industry and artists in the Columbus Ohio area.

The discussion was a lot of fun, and if you are considering getting your first tattoo, this is definitely a show and channel where you'll want to subscribe.

Each week, Tattoo Collecting 101 talks about being a tattoo collector. The hosts delve into everything from first tattoos, to full body suits, and everything in between. In this video podcast, we will not be talking about how to tattoo, or any technical tricks of the trade. There are thousands of other platforms just for that. Here, we talk about tattoos from the collectors point of view. We’ll share advice for collectors, as well as our specific experiences from our own tattoo journeys. We want to prepare, and inspire other collectors.  


More Resources for Tattoo Artists

If you are a Tattoo artist, Tattoo apprentice or even thinking about this career path, the folks who produce the show also provide a lot of great resources Reinventing the Tattoo.