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Popular Tattoo Styles 

I specialize in a variety of popular Tattoo Styles and can design customized work that will meet just about any of your design preferences.

Tattoos may be simple decorations, symbolic in nature, or even a depiction of a specific person, place or thing. The popular tattoo styles described below are areas where I have focused over my 25+ year career as a professional tattooer. Click the menus below to learn about each style and see examples of how finished pieces look when inked on skin. I’m confident that you will find a design that reflects your individuality, conveys your personality and is truly one of a kind.

I already had 3 tattoos from various artists but all were in easily hidden locations (hip, foot, inner bicep). I have been dreaming about a collection of forest creatures on my arm since I was 15. I have known Wes for 3 years and after a few discussions about my vision I knew I could trust him. He was just as excited and super helpful with ideas. So far, he has tattooed a frog, daisies, snail, mushrooms, butterfly, Luna moth, and a wrist bracelet of leaves. Wish I could attach a video so you could see the whole sleeve but pictures are attached. I wanted black outlines with peppering shading for a light tattoo feel. There is still more to come but he is hands down the best artist I have had so far and will not be going anywhere else! Thank you Wes!!!

Ally G
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Went there for my very first tattoo and it was an awesome experience! Very friendly! Wes did my tattoo and made the experience awesome. I like how when he finished he stated,” Welcome to your new addiction.” 😂 I’m already planning another tattoo! My sister went with me and she stated that she will definitely go back there to get her tattoo. Thank you Wes for making it the best experience ever!

Rosalind Gardner
Positive:  Quality, Value, Cleanliness, Professionalism

Wes is an amazing artist I'm happy with my seventh tattoo I got done of my family crest . And I'm happy about him redoing my dream Catcher that I have for over 10+ years . And I can't wait to see him in November for my Anubis tattoo that I will be getting on my right upper leg .

Ameliaq Hurst
Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value



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