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30 Beautiful Tattoos for Women (with Photos)

One of the coolest things I have witnessed after 26 years of tattooing is the growth/popularity of females getting tattooed!

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, 80-90% of my clientele were Men, now…the tables are turned. Women make up a majority of my tattoo clientele.

What is even more cool is the wide variety of tattoos that my female clientele is getting and the amount of large-scale work and simply the number of tattoos they are getting.  This month we will look at Black and Grey female tattoos I have done recently in the past year or so.

The ever classic Black and Grey floral tattoo. Honestly, I could tattoo flowers everyday and never be bored, I LOVE tattooing them.  One of the best things about floral tattoos is their flow and looseness of style.  This allows me to create tattoos that “fit” the body part and accent the curvature of the anatomy. This medium is also a great way to get large scale tattoos yet keep a definite feminine quality to the overall vibe of the tattoo itself. There are multiple techniques to achieve black and grey; whip shade, grey wash, and stippling, which allows the opportunity for me to include various textures in the tattoo and keep it soft and feminine feeling. Want to go big and bold, like say a Dragon? Black and grey is a great way to go!  Just because it has no color doesn’t mean the tattoo can not have an incredible amount of detail.

Whether your tattoo is small, simple, large or heavily detailed I am just super stoked to see that women are embracing the love of tattoos and showing them off to all.

Take a look at some of the beautiful Tattoos for Women and let me know what you think in the comments!

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