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Texture in Tattoos and the Time Test

Tattoo Collecting 101 is a local show discussing tattoos from a collector's point of view.

Topics include advice for collectors, personal experiences, and interviews with other collectors and past guests have included Adam France, Ty McEwan, Russ Abbott, Guy Aitchison, Tofi, Carissa Gray, Michael Frazier, Leila D'amato, Amanda Orcutt, Austin Yancey, Jessie Levitt and many more. 

I was stoked to be back on the show for Episode #121 to talk about Patch Tattoos, Glitter tattoos and use of texture and color in some tattoo styles.  We go pretty deep into talking about the "time test:" for tattoos, and that's good info for any collector to know. 

This is a long video so grab a drink, kick back and relax and check out in the video below. I think you'll get something out of it...